To show their appreciation for all the hard work that the HealthyExposure team has performed for 2012, owners Darren Vigil and Jeff Fagerland treated the team to a Brazillian Steakhouse dinner at Fogo De Chao in Downtown Minneapolis. All 16 choices of meat are served gaucho style and the service does not stop until you flip your card from green to red indicating that you surrender.

The whole crew enjoyed many types of meat including beef, lamb and chicken. Beef was certainly the favorite request by  far.


Our champion eater for the night was Andy (left and front), being the last to flip over his card and ending with the bottom sirloin which was a big hit. In the background is Billy Boyle, one of our safety trainers. Billy tried to keep up with everyone but took the higher road of quitting while he was ahead.


Our runner-up eater for the evening was Paul (right) tech and social media support. He anxiously took the challenge to be the last one to flip his card over ending his dinner with a delicous piece of Fillet Mignon, his favorite choice cut. Paul topped that off with a molten lava cake and ice cream


The HealthyExposure team had a wonderful time and many discussions about the direction and prosperus future of HealthyExposure took place.  Look for big things coming from HealthyExposure and its wonderful team of experts in 2013 and beyond!



(From center of table and then clockwise: Darren Vigil, Paul Jones,
Mark Finholt, Barry Mingo, Billy Boyle, Andy Gosha, Jeff Fagerland)