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Burnsville, MN

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“HealthyExposure® is not Just Your Home, it’s a Lifestyle”


HealthyExposure® Inc. provides specialty contracting services to identify, resolve and avoid issues that affect the Health and Sustainability of your Home by using known Building Science methods. We believe that a Healthy Home is an Essential Part of Healthy Living. We are a Green Home Builder, a Healthy Home Builder and Remodeler.  By using known Building Science principles we Identify Issues that affect your home, and by using these known Principles we are able to mitigate them to minimize the chance for them to reoccur. 

HealthyExposure’s expert team takes a comprehensive approach identifying and correcting construction concerns. We believe in resolving your issues and not just masking them. We are committed to making your home Sustainable and Eco Friendly to support Healthy Living through known Building Science.

HealthyExposure® and Healthy Exposure Construction, Inc. is founded on the principles of Identifying, Resolving and Avoiding issues that affect the Ecology and Sustainability of your home. We provide these Specialty Contracting Services, including Dustless Clean Construction without compromise to Fine Craftsmanship and Design.

Our experienced team provides expertise in a number of specialty contracting services and uses the most advanced technology to provide the services you need, including:

  • HealthyExposure® Dustless Clean Construction Services Available
  • Healthy Construction Home Builder
  • Green Construction Home Builder
  • Complete Restoration Services
  • Super Seal Basement Waterproofing System
  • Minnesota Department of Health Gold Standard Builder
  • CONSTRUCTION: New Construction, Remodeling, Design Services  
  • PRODUCTS: Air Filters and Purifiers, Water Filters, Screening Kits, Other IAQ Products

We also offer indoor air quality and other environmentally friendly products to help you maintain a Healthier Home, Lawn and Lifestyle.

Whether New Construction, Remodeling or Home Improvements and Modifications, HealthyExposure® is your partner to your Healthy Home and Lifestyle.

  HealthyExposure® is:

"The Healthy Side of Green" and "The Healthy Side of Clean"

HealthyExposure® has offices in Lakeville and Maple Grove, Minnesota.  We Service the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area


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MN Contractor License # BC650241
EPA Lead Cert # NAT-F121562-1

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Featured Products

Stainless Steel Whole House Water Filter
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Stainless Steel Whole House Water Filter

The MultiRound 700 SS ve el hold 7 AquaMetix® 20" cartridge de igned to offer a high flow olution for pecific removal of challenging contaminant The ve el utilize 15" Inlet & Outlet port and feature a wing bolt lid Te ted for the removal of Chloramine, Chlorine, Lead, and Mercury Capacitie : 49000 gallon        Chloramine >99% (non-detect) 56000 gallon        Mercury >98% 49000 gallon        Lead >99% 98000 gallon        Chlorine >99% (non-detect) Built-In Pre ure Gauge Built-In Pre ure Relea e Built-In Drain With ediment cartridge , it can upport very high flow rate With carbon block cartridge (like the MatriKX+5 2-micron carbon block hown in the picture), it provide long-term chlorine/chemical removal and relatively high flow rate Price include a Big Blue Sediment Filter to remove particulate uch a   and, ru t and other ediment to produce more ae thetically plea ing

Big Blue Sediment Filter
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Big Blue Sediment Filter

Compact erie cartridge- tyle point-of-entry y tem are highly effective, ea ily maintained unit de igned to filter all water entering home , mall bu ine e , and

Pure Air Systems 2000HS Plus
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Pure Air Systems 2000HS Plus

The 2000 Serie (2000 CFM) unit i the mo t powerful HEPA y tem and i u ed only in conjunction with 5 ton HVAC unit or larger The 2000HS i a popular HEPA y tem for larger home and occupied pace While it can be attached to a 5 ton or larger HVAC unit, thi y tem i often u ed a a tand alone y tem in the “S” configuration to move HEPA filtered air throughout a home or larger

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