Due to the amount of time people spend indoors, we are totally dependent on the quality of the indoor environment for the air we are breathing. And in order to provide a quality indoor environment, one of the critical factors is to have a properly maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

The hygienic condition of an HVAC system plays a major part in providing a quality indoor environment. Clean coils combined with an unobstructed air delivery system play a major role in the ability to provide a cleaner indoor environment while also providing energy efficiency benefits as well.

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HealthyExposure® and our business partners provides a full range of leading edge mechanical system cleaning services including Ventilation System Cleaning, Odor Neutralization and Sanitization. Our specialty-trained team will professionally carry out all phases of an HVAC cleaning project from the initial system evaluation and full system cleaning.

It is important for proper Duct/HVAC Cleaning as ventilation systems overtime fill with dust and debris. It is common to have construction debris left in the ventilation system as well. These conditions can lead to many problems throughout the home including allergies and asthma triggers. The good way to minimize these problems in your home or workplace is to have your HVAC system cleaned as needed.  Proper duct cleaning will help keep your home healthier by reducing allergens and asthma triggers, while also helping your HVAC ventilation system run more efficiently.  A clean HVAC system can help make your heating and cooling systems more efficient, have a longer operating life and reduce future maintenance costs. HVAC system cleaning is crucial if there is visible contaminants inside the ventilation system, if they are infested with vermin, or they are clogged with excessive amounts of dust or debris. These can cause health-related problems as well.

HealthyExposure® offers complete HVAC system duct cleaning.  With proper duct and vent cleaning, you can breathe easier knowing that your home’s HVAC system is as clean as it can be. Ask your HealthyExposure Expert about upgrading your furnace filter and UV Light purification too.