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Soil Test - Comprehensive Ag / Farm & Ranch / Growers (Easy Return Kit)

Soil Test - Comprehensive Ag / Farm & Ranch / Growers (Easy Return Kit)

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Quick Overview

This Easy Return Kit is a convenient, all-in-one package containing a pre-measured soil sample bag, soil sample forms and sampling instructions, pre-addressed return box and easy-to-follow return instructions. Our Comprehensive Soil Test for Agriculture, Farm & Ranch  and Growers is accurate for any soil type and duplicates the naturally occurring method used by plants for extracting essential nutrients from the soil. Don't guess about what's happening in your soil - know for sure and maximize yields and save on input costs!

Product Description

Good crops are grown on healthy, mineralized soils. A healthy soil is one which has a balance of all the nutrients, is biologically active and has a good structure. Crops grown under the guidance of the proper type of soil fertility and plant nutritional programs can be expected to result in better plant health, larger roots, greater nutrient efficiency, increased mineral uptake, improved water efficiency, better seed quality and higher yields.

Why use the soil tests from HealthyExposure®?

  • Increase the opportunity for maximum economic yields using reduced amounts of water, fertilizer and other inputs.
  • Different plants remove different nutrients at different rates throughout the growing season. Worse, some soils readily leach out nutrients while other soils rapidly tie up nutrients into compounds that are not readily available to the plant. By the end of the season, there could be little available nutrients left.
  • Proper soil nutritional balance can reduce water usage by 40 to 60% and dramatically reduce fertilizer requirements.
  • You really can't guess about nutrient and fertilizer applications and expect to attain the best yields and/or plant/crop quality.
  • Other tests will only tell the total content of nutrients - much of which may be unavailable to the plant!
  • More recent test methods may show certain nutrients as adequate or high, yet the plants show deficiencies in those same nutrients - and why you may see the same crop symptoms and test results year after year!
  • You get recommendations for correcting problems and building healthy, alive soils specifically for your soil, your plants and your cultivation practice - whether Transitional, Sustainable, Natural, Certified Organic or Certified Naturally Grown.