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Quick Mold Test

Quick Mold Test

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Quick Overview

 The Quick Mold Test is a revolutionary device that detects mold and mold contamination on surfaces in less than 1 minute. The Quick Mold Test uses patented biochemistry that allows users to easily perform their own testing for mold and water damage on building materials, contents and other related surfaces

Product Description

The results from the Quick Mold Test are obtained in less than a minute and are easily interpreted by a color change indication. The Quick Mold Test detects the microscopic proteins associated with mold growth and related allergens that react with the Quick Mold Test reagents to produce the color change from GREEN to GRAY or PURPLE. If the test yields a PURPLE color result, then the surface sampled is significantly contaminated with mold and should be included for mold removal or mold remediation or black mold removal.

Using the Quick Mold Test to identify if mold growth is present is a key step in determining how much mold removal or mold remediation is necessary.  Whether the mold remediation includes black mold removal or simple surface cleaning, the Quick Mold Test can be used to perform pre and post testing after a mold removal project or mold remediation to ensure the quality of the work performed is satisfactory.
The Quick Mold Test Key Features and Benefits:
  • Results in Seconds to a Minute
  • Cost is Less Than 10% of Traditional Testing
  • Easy Interpretation of Results - Visual Color Change
  • CLEAN = GREEN, Mold Contamination = GRAY or PURPLE
  • Detects Both Living (Viable) or Dead (Non-viable) Mold Spores
  • 12 Month Shelf Life at Room Temperature
  • Can be used as an Investigative Test or Initial Evaluation Sample of Mold Growth
  • Can be used as a Post Remediation Verification (PRV) test for Black Mold Removal or Mold Remediation
  • Biochemical reagents are safe, non-toxic and not hazardous to use



The Quick Mold Test kit is an ideal kit for mold testing, mold detection and allergen screening in any indoor environment. The simple and efficient use of this unique mold test kit is perfect for all users to determine if there is mold in their home or at work. Mold detection and mold testing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to perform. Mold in homes is a serious health related issue that everyone should have access to evaluate.

The Quick Mold Test is a fast and simple mold test kit to accurately determine the presence of mold spores, mold detection and allergen contaminants on surfaces. The Quick Mold Test allows users to assess the level of biological hygiene or mold on surfaces to ensure the indoor environment in homes, schools, offices, hospitals, etc. is safe and free of detectable mold spores and allergen contamination.

  • The most ideal applications for the Quick Mold Test are as follows:
  • Mold Testing of Surfaces in Bedrooms, Living Areas, or at Work
  • Mold in Home Detection on Water Damaged or Suspect Building Materials
  • Initial Screening Test to Find Mold Indoors or Mold Detection on Contents
  • Post Remediation Verification (PRV) Test After Mold Remediation or Mold Removal has been performed
  • “Do-It-Yourself” Home Mold Detection or Inspection
  • Restoration or Mold Remediation Situations Where a Mold Test Kit is Beneficial
  • Water Damage Assessment of Water Loss Situations Where Mold in Home Evaluations are Necessary