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Soft Rock Phosphate (50 lb.)

Soft Rock Phosphate (50 lb.)

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Quick Overview

Soft Rock Phosphate is a natural source of phosphorus. It contains about 20 percent P205, calcium and other trace elements.

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Product Description

Soft Rock Phosphate, also known as colloidal phosphate, is a clay material that is surface mined from the old settling basins of former hard phosphate rock mining operations in Florida.  It is a very fine material, but can be applied with all common fertilizer spreaders. Natural phosphate stays where it’s put when applied and does not move or dissolve into the soil solution. Soft rock phosphate is insoluble in water, will not leach away, and therefore is long-lasting.


  • Utilized to form vital compounds of plant growth
  • Stimulates seedling development
  • Enhances root formation
  • Hastens maturity
  • Promotes seed production.

Symptoms of Phosphorus deficiency can include

  • Slow growth
  • Stunted plants
  • Purplish foliage color on some plants
  • Dark green coloration
  • Delayed maturity
  • Poor fruit or seed development

Sudden changes in Phosphorus uptake from the roots can be a result of new root growth interruptions which can be caused by various issues including, but not limited to

  • Too much water
  • Too little water
  • Lack of Phosphorus
  • Cultivator blight compaction
  • Nematodes
  • Disease