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CaFe Liquid Calcium with Iron

CaFe Liquid Calcium with Iron

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Quick Overview

CaFe Liquid Calcium with Iron is like nothing else you've used before! It's not just pulverized lime in solution, but is a fermentation with rich calcium organic acids, ferrous organic acids and fulvic acid making the minerals into a chelate which allows them to be plant available immediately. In the soil and in the plant calcium is king. Can be foliar applied. 

1 gallon treats 1.47 acres (64,000 sq. ft.)

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Product Description

Calcium is an essential plant nutrient. It has many roles.

  • A cost effective and quick acting soil pH buffer and micronutrient mix that helps plants thrive by improving major nutrient uptake and providing the essential ingredients for increased photosynthesis.
  • Participates in metabolic processes of other nutrients uptake.
  • Promotes proper plant cell elongation.
  • Strengthen cell wall structure - calcium is an essential part of plant cell wall. It forms calcium pectate compounds which give stability to cell walls and bind cells together.
  • Participates in enzymatic and hormonal processes.
  • Helps in protecting the plant against heat stress - calcium improves stomata function and participates in induction of heat shock proteins.
  • Helps in protecting the plant against diseases - numerous fungi and bacteria secret enzymes which impair plant cell wall. Stronger Cell walls, induced by calcium, can avoid the invasion.
  • Because calcium does not relocate in the plant, a soluble source of calcium applied throughout the growing season is preferred


  • Calcium 3.00%
  • Iron 1.00%


  • Calcium Organic Acids
  • Ferrous Organic Acids

Inert Ingredients:

  • Fulvic acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Water

This product contains NO animal manures of municipal offal. It is pathogen free and non-phyto-toxic.

USDA National Organic Program Compliant.

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