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Earth Harvest Release – Clay Soil Conditioner

Earth Harvest Release – Clay Soil Conditioner


Earth Harvest Release – Clay Soil Conditioner 32 oz. Concentrate. Loosens compacted clay soil. Compacted clay soils are much like two magnets that are attracted together. By adding Release the soil reverses and opens up, allowing air and water to penetrate easier, beginning the first step to soil fertility.  Release can be applied anytime during the growing season reducing the need for mechanical aeration. Release breaks up hardpan and crusting making tillage easier and improving soil porosity. If ponding on top the ground is an issue in your yard, turf or area, apply Release directly to the standing water in the affected area.

32oz treats 16,000 sq. ft.



Use Release to loosen compacted clay soils

32oz. Concentrate in a high quality, hose end sprayer container for reliable application:

  • This hose end sprayer is calibrated to apply the product at 1oz per gallon of water.
  • This is a quality hose end sprayer that eliminates the guess work of how much product is being used!

Treatment penetrates better if soil is moist prior to application. Initial application should reach a soil depth of about 4 inches. Each additional application should penetrate an extra inch or two at a time. If soil is very hard reapply 1 – 2 weeks later. Always water after application treatment.

Carefully apply to landscape, turf and garden only, Release has a possibility to discolor or stain siding, concrete, pavers and stone. Rinse immediately if over sprayed.

USDA National Organic Program Compliant.