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Earth Harvest Lawn & Garden Fertilizer Concentrate

Earth Harvest Lawn & Garden Fertilizer Concentrate


Earth Harvest Lawn  & Garden Fertilizer Concentrate is an all purpose plant & soil food made from years of experience in making rich ferments for organic agriculture. Earth Harvest Nutrient Tea is one of the most powerful organic fertilizers available. For the first time, one of the most robust fertilizers formulated for sustainable agriculture is now available to consumers for Home Lawn & Garden applications.

32oz treats 16,000 sq. ft.



Concentrate in a high quality, hose end sprayer container for reliable application:

  • This hose end sprayer is calibrated to apply the product at 1oz per gallon of water.
  • This is a quality hose end sprayer that eliminates the guess work of how much product is being used!

USDA National Organic Program Compliant

For centuries nutrient tea’s have been made to ensure lush growth and the highest yield in agriculture. The advent of the “chemical” revolution suppressed that for over 50 years. Earth Harvest is born from this ancient tradition but has been enhanced by the latest techniques in organic farming. Often called “Terra Cervesa” or Earth Beer this brewed, rich mix of organic inputs makes 32 gallons of nutrient tea. Earth Harvest works by making the plants work more efficiently, supplying vital nutrients and helping to build fertile soil.