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Big Blue Sediment Filter

Big Blue Sediment Filter


Compact series cartridge-style point-of-entry systems are highly effective, easily maintained units designed to filter all water entering homes, small businesses, and restaurants.


These are simple units that last indefinitely if protected from weather. Warranty is for five years. The unit needs only periodic cartridge change. Usual life of the carbon filter cartridge is about one year on chlorinated city water. It uses the top quality MatriKX CTO-grade extruded carbon block cartridge. This is a carbon block with eight times the filtration capacity of a drinking-water size cartridge. It provides long-term dechlorination of ordinary city tap water. Most users change the cartridge annually. The sediment filter, Style A, uses a high quality 5-micron wound string cartridge to trap suspended particulate. Its lifespan depends on the quality of the water, and it is changed when flow becomes noticeably slower. Cartridge replacement is easy. (Wrench included.)

The basic system consists of a double-sized “Big Blue” filter vessel, the cartridge, a mounting bracket kit, and a filter wrench.

Filter housing dimensions are 23.5″ tall and 7.25″ diameter at the top. When mounted on the bracket, the unit stands about 9” from the wall.