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AquaCera Traveler Gravity Mini with AquaMetix Filter

AquaCera Traveler Gravity Mini with AquaMetix Filter



AquaCera Traveler Gravity Mini with AquaMetix Filter is designed for use as both a daily use countertop filter system, travel or for emergency applications. The Traveler uses gravity to filter water in the upper chamber through the filter element into the lower chamber where the filtered water is collected.

Manufactured from 304 grade polished stainless steel which offers a durable, lightweight, and portable means of filtering drinkng water anywhere in the world. The Excursion comes complete with a nylon carrying bag.

Ideal for use on municipal or natural water sources. Ideally suited for camping, travel, everyday , and emergency use.
Saves money over expensive bottled water and pitcher filters that do not last.
Portable, lightweight, durable and high capacity filter.

Easy to use, simple to maintain. Ceramic filters can be cleaned up to 100 times. Pour untreated water in the top and get clean, filtered water in the bottom.
No power required.


  • QuickDrip filters are specially designed for municipal water use.Simply assemble the unit, fill it with water, and enjoy.


    Collapsed 3.75 Wide 9.25 Tall Assembled 3.75 Wide 14.25 Tall

    Total capacity .5 US Gallons (.25 upper & .25 lower chamber) or 2 liters.