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The Amaircare 7500 Airwash Cart is one of the best industrial air scrubber for sales in the market. It provides industrial air filtration and ventilation to support your business requirements for larger applications. With its dual 3 stage filter chambers you get 6 stages of filtration for serious air contaminant management. This portable industrial air purifier is perfect for use in printing facilities, welding shops, indoor construction sites, renovation efforts, large warehouse or manufacturing floors, or any heavy duty application where you need to handle air particulate, fumes, gas, or chemicals.  This is leading air scrubber for sale her will help you meet government regulations for safety as well.

1) HEPA Air Scrubber Configuration

  • This configuration is for normal usage focusing on airborne particles and lighter odors, chemicals, fumes
  • 2 Prefilters, 2 HEPA Filters , 2 Inner Carbon Blankets

2) HEPA Air Scrubber with VOC Carbon Configuration (7 lb carbon cannister)

  • For heavier chemcal, odors, fumes and VOC along with airborne particle focus
  • Features 2 Prefilters, 2 HEPA Filters, Two 7 lbs activated VOC carbon packs
  • You can upgrade the VOC carbon to Formaldazorb. Amaircairs signature enhanced carbon for heavy VOC cleanup.

3) Industrial Air Scrubber for Heavy VOC Configuration (Large 30 lb carbon canister)

  • Suited for very heavy fumes, chemical and VOC cleanup with little to no focus on air particulate.
  • 2 Prefilters,  Two 30 lbs activated VOC carbon canisters
  • You can upgrade the VOC carbon to Formaldazorb. Amaircairs signature enhanced carbon for heavy VOC cleanup.

The Amaircare 7500 cart is a portable industrial air purifier that high performance and made for easy maneuverability over rough surfaces with a wheeled cart. I has a fexible or rigid hose intake connection port for fresh air to create positive pressure safe room. Also can be configured for source capture with hose connectors.

With a variety of configuration options, it is ready to handle your situation quickly. With its huge dual filtering chamber it is designed to handle up to 7500 sq ft X 8 ft ceilings ( 60000 cubic feet) at 1 air exchange per hour, which is the minimum recommended by Amaircare. While this provides excellent air cleaning for most situations, it is important to keep in mind that more air cycle’s may be required for your specific situations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Both chambers have a access from top for simple maintenance and filter change.
  • Baked thermoset powder finish steel construction for long lasting units with no off gassing.
  • 2 inch Fresh air intake port allowing for ducted fresh air intake to create positive pressure safe room environment or for targeted source capture applications
  • Metal Mesh Prefilter on intake for large particulate filtering along with protection of filter life and performance.
  • Powerfull 1000 cfm motor for efficient cleaning in large areas.
  • Steel tube cart on wheels for uneven surface navigation.
  • Configure with flexible hose for source capture.
  • Perfect seal filters with Amaircare’s easy twist design. Provides seal integrity with no dirty air leak.
  • Easy Twist filter canisters for simple removal/installation
  • Variable speed control for air flow match capture needs for contaminant level.
  • detachable 12 foot IEC Power Cord for convenient removal
  • Limited 5 year manufacturer warranty.


  • Airflow: 1000 CFM  (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Power Consumption:  320 Watts
  • Dimensions:  27”W x 40”L x 38”H
  • Weight:  18 lbs.
  • dBA Rating @ 6 ft: 68 dBA on maximum speed
  • Control:  Variable Speed Switch
  • Construction:  18 gauge steel housing, durable baked thermoset powder finish
  • Intake: 10” x 12” with metal mesh prefilter
  • Outflow Port: 8”D Round
  • Fresh Air Intake: 2” Round
  • Motor: Backward curved impeller
  • Voltage: 115 volt*
  • Cord/Plug:  12 foot detachable IEC cord with North American Type K Plug (3 pin grounded)


  • Prefilter X 2:
    • Clean regularly
    • Replace every 12 months in normal usage
  • HEPA Filter X 2:
    • Change every 3-5 years in normal usage
  • Carbon Filters X 2:
    • inner carbon blanket – Change every 6 months
    • 7 lbs cannister configuraiton – Change every 12 months under normal usage
    • 30 lbs cannister configuration – Change every 12-18 months under normal usage


  • Amaircare 7500 Industrial Air Purifier in configuration selected.
  • Amaircare 7500 Owner’s Manual
  • 12’ IEC Power Cord
  • 8”D Outflow port Collar
  • Cart with wheels
  • Two of each filter for configuration selected (One for each chamber)