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The Amaircare Model 6000V versatality allows for a carbon air scrubber configuration for gas, chemical and fumes fucused remediation. Or it can be configured as a hepa air scrubber for focus on air particulate cleanup. These units are portable on wheels and can moved to where you need them. They are made for heavy duty commercial cleanup for large areas like warehouses, construction & renovation, fire damage cleanup, mold remediation,mfg floors, paint shops, welding shops, or other similiar areas where large scale air remediation is needed for particulate or off-gassing from product or process.

The Amaircare 6000V has fresh air intakes for positive pressure safe room creation. It has separate intake ports to attach separately purchased flexible hosing for source capture fume or air particulate extration.

Amaircare has been a powerhouse in the industrial Air filtration space since 1994 providing solutions you need for your business. The carbon or hepa air scrubber for sale here is truly a leader in this segment of the market with a large following. With thier depth of knowledge and strength in this space, they offer multiple configurations to meet your Carbon or HEPA air scrubber requirements:

1) HEPA Air Scrubber Configuration

  • This configuration is for normal usage focusing on airborne particles and lighter odors, chemicals, fumes
  • Prefilter, HEPA Filter, Inner Carbon Blanket

2) HEPA Air Scrubber with VOC Carbon Configuration (7 lb carbon cannister)

  • For heavier chemcical, odors, fumes and VOC along with airborne particle focus
  • Features Prefilter, HEPA Filter, 7 lbs activated VOC carbon
  • You can upgrade the VOC carbon to Formaldazorb. Amaircairs signature enhanced carbon for heavy VOC cleanup.

3) Carbon Air Scrubber Heavy VOC Configuration (Large 30 lb carbon cannister)

  • Suited for very heavy chemical and VOC cleanup with little to no focus on air particulate.
  • Prefilter,  30 lbs activated VOC carbon canister
  • You can upgrade the VOC carbon to Formaldazorb. Amaircairs signature enhanced carbon for heavy VOC cleanup.

The high performance of this carbon filter air scrubber or HEPA air scrubber configuration is ready for you to put to work in a variety of situiations.  HEPA Air Scrubber reviews show this unit to be one of the best portable cart HEPA and Carbon air scrubber solutions for the money.

Generally speaking, the more air exchanges across the filters the better your air is scrubbed  Amaircare recommends a minimum of 1 air exchanges per hour for thier products, as this will provide an excellent level of cleaning for most situations. But more may be needed for individual situations. This unit covers 4500 sq ft at 8 ft ceilings with 1 Air Exchange per Hour.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Top of unit filter access for simple maintenance on this commercial air purifier
  • Metal Mesh Prefilter on intake for large particulate filtering and protection of filter life and performance.
  • 2 inch Fresh air intake port allowing for ducted fresh air intake to create positive pressure safe room environment.
  • Duct port allows for flexible hose attachment for targeted source capture option
  • Sturdy steel tube cart with rugged tires and casters for easy navigation over uneven flooring and ground.
  • Steel construction with baked thermoset powder finish for tough wear and tear resistance and no off-gassing
  • Perfect seal filters with Amaircare’s easy twist design. Provides seal integrity with no dirty air leak.
  • Easy Twist filter canisters for simple removal/installation
  • duable steel housing construction with baked powder finish for long life and no chemical off-gassing from this portable commercial air purifier
  • Variable speed control for air flow match capture needs for containant level.
  • detachable 12 foot IEC Power Cord for convenient removal
  • Limited 5 year manufacturer warranty.


  • Airflow: 600 CFM  (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Power Consumption:  160 Watts
  • Dimensions:  27”W x 27”L x 38”H
  • Weight:  92 lbs.
  • dBA Rating @ 6 ft: 68 dBA on maximum speed
  • Control:  Variable Speed Switch
  • Construction:  18 gauge steel housing, durable baked thermoset powder finish
  • Intake: 10” x 12” with metal mesh prefilter
  • Outflow Port: 8”D Round
  • Fresh Air Intake: 2” Round
  • Motor: Backward curved impeller
  • Voltage: 115 volt*
  • Cord/Plug:  12 foot detachable IEC cord with North American Type K Plug (3 pin grounded)


  • Prefilter:
    • Clean regularly
    • Replace every 12 months in normal usage
  • HEPA Filter:
    • Change every 3-5 years in normal usage
  • Carbon Filters
    • inner carbon blanket – Change every 6 months
    • 7 lbs cannister configuraiton – Change every 12 months under normal usage
    • 30 lbs cannister configuration – Change every 12-18 months under normal usage


  • 6000V HEPA Air Scubber or Carbon Air Scrubber configuration selected
  • 6000V Owner’s Manual
  • 12’ IEC Power Cord
  • 8”D Outflow port Collar
  • Cart with wheels
  • One of each filter for configuration selected