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1-2-3 Tree Nutrient Fertilizer Set

1-2-3 Tree Nutrient Fertilizer Set


1-2-3 TreeTM Fertilizer 2-0-2 contains dense populations of Endo and Ecto Mychorrhizae with Mycorrhizae Helper Bacteria (MBH) combined with a rich ferment of nutrients from Kelp, Fish, Humate and Molasses, perfect for transplanting trees and shrubs. It contains NO animal manures or municipal waste. It is pathogen free and non-phyto-toxic.



Alters the microbial balance more in favor of fungal species and is intended for woody plant applications such as transplanting and soil injection. Fungal symbiosis has been shown to enhance protection from pathogens, increase drought stress tolerance and improve uptake of macro and micro nutrients.

Apply mix before backfilling or apply to existing mature landscapes to increase the long term health of perennials, shrubs and trees.

Benefits include:

  • Increased soil fungal mass,
  • Translocation of soil nutrients via Mycorrhizae to the plant
  • Increased transplant success
  • No phosphorous mix supports native mycorrhizae
  • Working sets of MHB and fungi
  • Increases long term health
  • Virtually no transplant shock.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) 2.00%
  • 0.10% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  • 1.80% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 2.00%
  • Irone (R=Fe) 0.10%
  • 0.10% Water Soluble Iron (Fe)

Derived From: Kelp, Fish, Potassium Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate

USDA National Organic Program Compliant

1-2-3 TreeTM and Easy Mix & Spray SystemTM are trademarks of ICT Organics.