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Texas Greensand (40 lb. bag)

Texas Greensand (40 lb. bag)

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Quick Overview

Texas Greensand is a naturally occuring iron-potassium silicate (also known as glauconite) with the consistency of sand but 10 times the moisture absorption. It is an excellent source of iron, potassium, silicate, phosphorus, and trace minerals. It has been used successfully for enriching soils for over 100 years.

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Product Description

Texas greensand (Glauconite) is an iron potassium, silicate that is green in color due to the minerals it contains. Greensand is a marine deposit that contains traces of many if not all of the elements which are in seawater. Depending on the exact product, NPK analysis rangese from 0-0-1 to  0-2-5.

Texas greensand is different than the glauconite from the New Jersey area. The natural Texas product contains about 19 percent iron and about 2 percent magnesium. Its pH is 8.3, but don’t let that fool you. Use it on all plants for an effective green-up. Research has shown green sand to be better than most iron products in helping plants overcome chlorosis in high pH soils, slightly better than granite sand.Besides the trace minerals, greensand is buffered with organic mater to make the nutrients non-burning and quickly available to plants. As opposed to other iron supplememts, greensand won't stain concrete or other surfaces.