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Lava Sand (40 lb.)

Lava Sand (40 lb.)

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Lava sand, like other rock materials, works with organic matter to improve soils. It helps loosen the soil in some cases, helps hold moisture in the soil maybe better than any other material and helps make soil nutrients more available to plant roots. It provides aeration and porosity to the soil. It is durable and resists degradation.

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Product Description

Lava sand is the most popular rock material and consists of crushed scoria, a reddish brown to black volcanic slag. Lava sand is the sand-sized and smaller waste material left from lava gravel manufacturing. It has an open texture full of holes and is an excellent, highly paramagnetic soil amendment material. It can be used in potting soils and bed preparation for all landscaping and food crops. Quality lava sand will have a centimeters/gram/second (CGS) of 500 - 1000.

Offered for sale and available in Texas only.