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The HealthyExposure Story

The HealthyExposure® Story

 "It’s Not Just Your Home, it’s a Lifestyle!"


Captain Darren J. Vigil, founder of HealthyExposure® knows first hand how our Homes and Lifestyles can affect our wellbeing. He personally experienced illness caused by his lifestyle, his habits and his home that changed his life forever. This led him to be the Founder of HealthyExposure® Inc. in April of 2005.



The Story
Darren was your typical child growing up as the second of five boys in his family. He was active, athletic and self-motivated. He was known for taking action and overcoming any obstacle that came his way. These characteristics helped Darren succeed in life, whether he was competing at sports or flying a jet airliner in his career as a commercial airline pilot. He would come to rely on these qualities to help him overcome the biggest obstacle he had ever faced, when he became ill from his Home and Lifestyle.


Living a Dream 
Darren was living the American dream, he thought.  He had a prestigious job as a pilot for one of the world’s largest airlines. He had the shiniest boat on the water and a beautiful home with a well-manicured lawn.  Darren thought he had a healthy lifestyle and did not think twice about eating a bunch of junk.  What he did not know is that his lifestyle, his habits and his home were affecting his health. 


The Balance 
After Darren learned that his home and lifestyle was affecting his health, he made changes in the way he and his family lived. These changes included modifying his home, removing offensive products and materials from his home.

Darren’s health gradually improved and he began to helped others along the way.

Today, he approaches health as balance between the Environment you live in, the Air you breathe, the Food you eat, the Water you drink and the Lawns you play on.

He realized that he was not alone on this difficult journey. He met other families with similar needs. He started helping others with their homes and lifestyles, and ultimately founded HealthyExposure® Inc.


HealthyExposure®  – Helping Others on Their Journey
HealthyExposure's® team sustainable construction and restoration professionals work with homeowners to ensure that their homes are as Healthy and Eco Friendly as can be. The team identifies and corrects problems that affect the quality and health of your home.

Darren is now stronger and healthier than ever before, and he’s passionate about helping others on their journey. His motto is “Don’t Ever Give Up.”  Make HealthyExposure® your family’s partners with your Healthy, Stainable, Eco Friendly Home and Lifestyle.  


HealthyExposure® is the ”The Healthy Side of Green.” and "The Healthy Side of Clean"

Building Healthy Homes, Lawns and Lifestyles!


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